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Pennsylvania Foot and Ankle Associates, PC has been the premier providers of foot and ankle care and treatment in the Delaware Valley. We conveniently have 5 different locations offering wound care in house throughout Pennsylvania. Our podiatrists offer cutting-edge treatments, laser treatments, in-house digital x-raying and a customer service level that is matched by none. We are proud to be the specialists when it comes to your foot and ankle needs.

More About Us
It is our mission to provide the highest quality foot and ankle care available. We don't just treat our patients, we strive to provide complete care to the fullest of its definition. This all starts with education provided to our patients and parents of patients to better understand their condition in a comfortable setting. We diagnose, discuss treatment options and associated risks so our patients can make the best and most informed decisions regarding their health that they can. We will be there every step of the way to guide you, counsel you and answer all your questions.

Each of our locations is employed by friendly and professional staff members and physicians. We will do all we can to make sure your time spent with us is comfortable and informative. With a combined experience totaling over 250 years, our highly acclaimed podiatry doctors and surgeons at Pennsylvania Foot and Ankle Associates provide their patients with unmatched patient services and care with exceptional results.

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